Skiing universe


The pleasure of skiing, ice skating or hiking should begin when you put on your shoes.

It is an even greater pleasure to keep your shoes warm and dry thanks to DryShoes system.

Compact and ergonomic, DryShoes easily finds its place in a mountain cabin as in an apartment in the mountains. The product is composed of aluminum shoe rods (in one or five pairs, optionally) and has a galvanized steel body. This boot dryer (and gloves) is equipped with a forced hot air system. A mechanical timer (0 to 120 minutes) allows the operation of the 5-pair model. The smaller individual system is powered with ON-OFF light switches.

seche-chaussures-5-paires   seche-botte-1-paire-ski
  • The DryShoes system ensures uniform and complete drying of your shoes thanks to its 24-hour timer and mechanical timer (0 to 2 hours).
  • You can choose the operating model by simply pressing a button.
  • DryShoes products resulting from both, over forty-years know-how and Made in France concept, brings you comfort and pleasure.