Running universe

What is the common thread that links the occasional runner, the amateurs of Sunday jogging and the aficionado of long distance races?

They all prefer to wear hot and dry sneakers !

If you recognize yourself in these situations, then you should try DryShoes products.

seche-chaussures-5-paires-v2   seche-chaussures-1-paire-running
  • Easy to install, this shoe dryer  blows hot air with high flow ventilation (300 m3 / h) and armored resistance (250W for the individual model and 350W for the five-pair model)
  • Available in one or five pairs, DryShoes ensures a uniform drying of your shoes.
  • A mechanical timer (0 to 120 minutes) allows the operation of the five pairs, the smaller individual system is powered with ON-OFF light switches.
  • DryShoes products resulting from both, over forty-years know-how and Made in France concept,  ensures you positive feelings during jogging.